Sunbands By Donna Marini

Sunbands by Donna Marini

Sunbands are truly unique in their shape and design, and just might be the most comfortable headband you will ever wear. They hold your hair perfectly in place without squeezing or pressing down, and you can throw them on and off your head anytime like sunglasses. If you’ve ever pushed your sunglasses up on your head to hold your hair in place, then you’ll know exactly what we mean. And we have 50+ decal designs, including colleges, to adorn them and make them your own. And what could go better with your cool new Sunbands? How about some cool new clothing with designs to match? We have men’s, women’s, kids, and baby’s clothing and more, with 100+ original designs. We are a great place to shop for gifts because everything here is unique. If we didn’t create it or design it, we don’t sell it.